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About me

From a very young age, I have been fond of music and above all, fascinated by the emotions it can provide. Both to others and to myself. Joy, the desire to dance, to move your head… But also sadness, melancholy, nostalgia… No other artistic form manages to move me as much as music. Goosebumps, tears, laughter, chills…

Trained to play the violin and the drums, I have always wanted to create, collaborate with other artists and produce works as varied as my influences. Thanks to this, I naturally ended up trying the guitar. I had been hesitating for years.

My influence ?

First: rock of course. I had the chance to discover The Beatles, Pink Floyd, at a very young age… and to immerse myself into the discography of the 60s and the 70s. Then came metal and progressive rock with the discovery of bands like Porcupine Tree, Opeth,… Over the years, I also opened up to French pop/variety, discovering Higelin, Bashung, Dutronc, Ange… Open to more melting pot artists with Jazz touches such as Sophie Hunger or Fredrika Stahl.


All these influences nourish my music. Not to mention the fantastic people with whom I regularly have the opportunity to work with. Lucie on the cello, Charlie on the guitar, Emilie, Marine, Maïté, Charlotte on vocals, Simon and Lucas on the drums, Julien on the bass, Maud on graphics…

All this variety of qualities and this thirst for collaboration led me to the creation of this solo project and the production of a first album with texts in English and French : Clair Obscur.  Released in March 2022.

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About the Clair Obscur project

Music being the most obvious way to express who I am, I decided to release a first studio album: Clair Obscur.

Why Clair Obscur ?

Because it will contain the essential facets of my music, it is as rich as it is intimate, as dark as it is luminous and as harsh as it is soft. 

In this opus, I want to tell stories and make you travel through different pieces. Nostalgia, joy, sorrows, life, melancholy, journey… Different themes that will take you into my world.

A solo album, of course, but in which each piece is the result of a collaboration with different artists. Singers, guitarists, bassists, drummers, and even authors, all these artists will build together the emotion of each music piece as well as its subject.

Either in French, or in English, the texts will also assist these emotions. These will be written by authors or by the singers themselves to illustrate the journeys, sensations or stories that I want to tell you. My recipe? A drop of strong rock, another of English pop, a lick of French chanson, as well as a string quartet. As for the mystery ingredients, you will discover them by listening!

Any other secrets you want to know about the project?

Follow its evolution, I won’t leave you out!

They talk about Clair Obscur :

Background Magazine

And then everything changes…… Sonate Au Clair Obscur featuring Clement Barou immediately brings to mind Savatage or some of the more progressive elements of Steve Vai, complete with choir and string section this is the best track on the album.

David Carswell – Background Magazine


There’s a maturity and sophistication to the writing and arrangements that’s immediately appealing. Melancholia is disarmingly charming, with a superb vocal by Gagnor. An accomplished, impressive début from one of the French prog scene’s bright new prospects.

DW – Prog

Sea of tranquility

” A very intense listening that enhances the techniques of the artists involved and the compositional skills of Gabriel. Recommended for all lovers of modern Progressive sounds, an escalation of emotions and an excellent journey that starts with Pop Prog and ends with Prog Metal.”

Jacopo Vigezzi – Progressive rock journal

Sea of tranquility

” “Time”, “Train to Resolution”, & “Open Arms” are very strong pieces and are particularly cohesive as an opening section to the release.
As a debut release Clair Obscur is a very strong effort. Gabriel Keller (and his contributors) should be proud of what they have achieved with this release.”

Chris Reid – Sea of tranquility

Progressive Rock Central

“The piano and orchestration on “Sonate Au Clair Obscur”, are worth the price of purchase alone. This is like Pink Floyd meets an orchestra. Just brilliant and beautiful […] Everything you could want from a power single. Excellent !”

Mark Preising – Progressive Rock Central

A question? A comment? A crush on my project that you want to finance? ( It is allowed to dream! )

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